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Here at we get asked many questions about franking / postage machines, and many of the most frequently asked questions can be seen below on this page. Please take a look at the most popular questions that we get asked and see if we can answer any questions you may have regarding postage machines, postage machines, franking machine supplies and more. Simply click on the questions below to view that question in more detail.

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Where can I purchase a franking / postage machine?

If you are looking to buy a franking machine or upgrade your current postage machine, then you can find many franking machine suppliers to go to. As well as this, you may be deciding if you should buy, rent or lease a postage machine. Which ever method you decide to choose, here at we suggest that you visit Mailcoms and get a low cost postage machine from them. They are the UK’s favourite franking machine supplier and they can save you money.

Why should I buy a franking / postage machine?

The most frequently asked question we get asked here is why buy a postage machine. Basically, a franking machine is a very beneficial piece of machinery to use. When you buy a postage machine, you gain access to many benefits which make a franking machine more useful to have compared to using stamps. For example you can frank in the comfort of your own office, instead of travelling down to the Post Office to buy stamps. Some of the postage machine benefits that can be gained from a postage machine include:

  • Easy to use
  • Lower franking prices
  • Convenience
  • Time saving
  • Advertise your business
  • Money saving

If you would like to know even more about why to buy a postage machine, then visit our Why Franking Page and this will explain exactly why you should buy a franking machine and stop using stamps.

What are the features of a franking / postage machine?

A postage machine can come with many great postage machine features that will aid the franking process and make your franking machine more beneficial to you. Some of the many franking machine features that are included with a postage machine include:

  • Integrated Weighing Scale – weigh your mail and never over or under pay for a mail item again.
  • Departmental Accounts – monitor and track postage expenditure on many various accounts to help budget for future costs.
  • PIN protection – you can protect all departmental accounts on a franking machine via PIN code protection. This will keep your postage funds secure.
  • Job Memories – gain access to your most used jobs within a touch of a button. A postage machine will remember certain jobs for you to use easily.
  • Feeding System – use a manual, semi or fully automatic feeder to frank mail at different speeds.
  • Advertisements – you can advertise your business on every franked piece of mail to help improve your professional image and expand your business name.
  • Smart Meter Technology – use Royal Mail VAT services, frank in smart blue and gain access to even more postage machine benefits.
  • Mailmark Technology – use Mailmark and frank a new 2D barcode onto your mail as well as benefiting from even more franking machine benefits.

These are just some of the many great features that a postage machine can come with. By owning a franking machine you can use and benefit from all of these great postage machine features.

What is a Smart franking / postage machine & do I need it?

Smart Meter technology is a widely used feature in many of the current franking machines. If your postage machine has Smart Meter technology, then your machine will be SMART METER ENABLED. This is an exclusive postage machine feature and it has been around for a couple of years. This technology uses Data Capture to capture when a specific service is used, in this case when VAT services are used, Royal Mail will be notified by your franking machine. If you are Smart Meter Enabled, then you will gain access to all Royal Mail VAT services. As well as this, Smart Meter technology enables your business to frank in all new SMART BLUE franking ink, improving the look of your mail.

Smart Meter technology is required by your business if you use any Royal Mail VAT services, but if you do not, then you will not need a Smart Meter postage machine, but it is well advised that you start using Smart Meter technology to gain extra franking benefits.

What is this NEW Mailmark service that is available & do I need it?

Mailmark is a brand new service that has recently been released by Royal Mail. This service will bring with it even more franking benefits. This unique service was released on April 1st 2014, and it is widely used in many postage machines. Mailmark will allow your business to frank a new 2D barcode on your mail whilst giving you much lower franking prices. However, there are not currently many Mailmark compliant franking machines on the market to buy.

This service is not needed in your postage machine as it is only an alternative way to frank mail. If your current postage machine is not Mailmark compliant, do not worry as your can still frank your mail without Mailmark. However, as Mailmark brings many extra benefits to your business, it is advised to have in your postage machine.

If you would like to find out more about this fantastic service, then please visit our Mailmark Page here.

What happens when the Royal Mail update their postage tariffs?

Most postage machine suppliers may charge you for a software update for either the postage machine / franking machine or the postal scale. Mailcoms Ltd are the only company in the UK to offer completely free unlimited updates irrespective of how many times the Royal Mail update their tariffs.

Do I have to pay a charge to top up my postage machine / franking Machine?

Again most companies do charge a top up fee either via a premium rate phone line or an additional charge added to your postage bill. Mailcoms Ltd do not charge customers to re-credit their post machine / franking machine.

How do I re-credit my postage machine with extra money?

The credit on your postage machine is automatically topped up when you dial-in to the automated credit system of your franking machine supplier.

Where can I purchase postage machine supplies from?

When using any postage machine, you can purchase franking machine supplies to help with the franking process. The cost of these supplies will vary from company to company, but here at, we suggest that you visit Mailcoms as they can offer you the lowest priced franking machine supplies in the UK. Mailcoms are one of many postage machine companies that can offer you postage machine supplies, and as they can save you money we suggest going to them.

There are many franking machine supplies that can be brought for your postage machine, and they include:

  • Original / Compatible Franking Ink
  • Franking Labels
  • Posting Envelopes
  • Franking Label Rolls (For some postage machines only)
  • Pricing In Proportion Rulers

Here at, we can also recommend you to use other sites for the cheapest postage machine inks and supplies in the UK today. Use the links below to view the sites:

What is Pricing In Proportion?

In 2006 the Royal Mail changed the way postal costs are calculated with the introduction of a new system called Pricing in Proportion. Since then postage machine users have saved 12p on every 1st Class letter, 16p on every 2nd Class letter and at least 30p on every small parcel sent.

With Pricing in Proportion ordinary mail is divided in to three sizes:

  • Letters – most small and medium envelopes up to half the size of A4, max thickness of 5mm and max. weight of 100g.
  • Large letters – most larger envelopes up to A4 size
  • Packets – anything else

Mostly, you will be able to tell which category your mail is in by the size of the envelope, but you will also need to consider its thickness and weight.

What is the price of franking mail?

Like stamps, franks come at a cost, but luckily the cost of one frank is much lower in comparison to a stamp. The price of your franked mail will vary depending on the weight, class and type of the mail item. The Royal Mail decide the postage costs of your franked mail every year, but the frank prices are always lower than the stamp prices, being very beneficial. For example a first class standard letter will cost 50p to frank and 62p to stamp, meaning a postage machine will save you 12p per letter, and over time the savings made will be huge.

View the First & Second Class Postage Rates 2019 here and view a complete list of how much franked mail will cost to send.

Where & how can I post my franked mail?

When you frank mail of any kind, you must post it to your Local Post Office or sorting office. Some businesses however decide to use a Business Postbox to send their franked mail. PLEASE NOTE: If you send franked mail to any other mail box, mail delivery time can be delayed.

When ever you post franked mail, your business will be required to use special late-posting envelopes which are available from a wide range of franking machine suppliers, including Mailcoms. You can also post franked mail by using Low Volume Posting Envelopes where you can place franked mail in these envelopes. You can fit up to 30 items in to one Low Volume Posting Envelope, and this can be placed into any postbox. To find out if your franked mail qualifies to this kind of posting, please contact your local postage machine supplier.

What if I miss the last post?

No problem. You can use a special envelope to put franked mail in a designated local post box. For details call Mailcoms on 01543 572 776 or visit for more information.

What if I run out of money?

There is no need for petty cash, stamps or signed cheques when you frank mail. Just set up a direct debit for your postage machine and top up your account via a phone line, fax line or a secure Local Area Network (LAN).

What is a Return Address?

Since 2004, it has been a new condition of service for postage machine users to include a Return Address (ERA) if you want your undelivered mail returned to you. Mailcoms Ltd will offer a free slogan / return address with a proof for you to approval prior to adding it to your machine. Call 01543 572 776 for more info.

How do I calculate the correct post price when franking?

With a franking machine, you don’t have to waste time looking up the correct postage price for your mail. The latest technology most postage machines come with allows the machine to calculate the postage costs for you.

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