Mailstart Plus Postage Machine

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Entry Level Postage Machine (Recommended for 20 items a day)

Mailstart Plus Postage Machine

The Mailstart Plus is our brand new entry level postage machine that we can supply you. Recently, we have been able to supply more franking machines and the Mailstart Plus is our brand new entry level machine on the market. It comes with many great postage machine features, including the latest Smart Meter & Mailmark Technology as standard. As well as this, the Mailstart Plus comes with a manual feeding system, a integrated weighing scale and up to 10 departmental accounts. The Mailstart Plus entry level postage machine is recommended for sending about 20 items of mail per day. This is not limited to this amount. As well as this, the Mailstart Plus entry level postage machine is set to become Mailmark compliant. Mailmark is not mandatory but can be very beneficial.

Franking Speed

The Mailstart Plus Postage Machine is recommended to frank up to 20 items of mail a day. It also comes with a top franking speed of 15 items of mail per minute.

Feeding System

The Mailstart Plus is our new entry level postage machine that comes with a manual feeding system. This makes this model machine perfect for any business new to franking.

Smart Meter Technology

You can benefit from Smart Meter Technology with the Mailstart Plus as standard. Use Royal Mail VAT services as well as franking in all new Smart Blue franking ink.

Mailstart Plus Mailmark Compatibility

The Mailstart Plus entry level postage machine is Mailmark compliant and this means your business can use and benefit from using this brand new Royal Mail Service. You will be able to use the lower franking prices and a new 2D barcode. If you are interested in the Mailmark service, you can receive an update from Mailcoms or us immediately for the Mailstart Plus postage machine and benefit from this fantastic Royal Mail service. However, you may be aware that Mailmark is not mandatory in the Mailstart Plus postage machine, meaning that you do not have to use the Mailmark service. It is optional and advised to use it but the decision is yours. Fill in the contact form above or contact us today if you are interested in this Mailstart Plus Mailmark compliant postage machine.

Mailstart Plus Specifications

Speed: Up to 15 items per minute

Daily Amount: Up to 20 Items

Scales: 2.5 Kg scales available

Max. Envelope Thickness: 9.5mm

Feeding System: Manual

Job Memories: None

Connectivity Method: LAN Connection or Analogue Line

Departmental Accounts: 10 as standard

Smart Meter Enabled: Yes

Mailmark Compliant: Yes

PIN Security: Yes

Advertisements: Yes

Dimensions: L: 351mm, H: 231mm, D: 264mm

Dimensions: Weight: 4KG

Electrical: 240V, 50 / 60Hz

Mailstart Plus Running Costs

Ink: £49.95 for around 1280 prints

Franking Labels: £19.95 for 1000

Franking Labels: £9.95 for 500

Franking Labels: £4.95 for 200

Envelopes: £29.95 for 250

Envelopes: £14.95 for 100

Envelopes: £9.95 for 50

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