Smart Meter Franking

Smart Meter franking is a relatively older piece of technology that is widely available in many postage machines in the UK. It was released by Royal Mail when VAT started to be applied to some Royal Mail services. In order for postage machines to use certain services such as Before 9am Special Delivery, your postage machine needed to become Smart Meter Enabled. By doing this, your business could use all of Royal Mail services when franking mail, and any VAT paid could and still can be easily reclaimed from HMRC.

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Smart Franking Machines may have been around for a while, but the technology used is fantastic to use. Smart Franking Machines basically allows Royal Mail to perform Data Capture which informs them of any services you are using and any services you are not using. As well as this, smart meter technology gives you access to all of the Royal Mail VAT services and products such as International Airsure and you can also reclaim any paid VAT. You must also frank mail in Smart Blue franking ink when using a smart postage machine as this helps improve the readability of your franked mail.

Smart Franking Machine Benefits

Any postage machine that comes with Smart Meter Technology will give your business extra benefits. These are Smart Franking Machine benefits and can only be gained with a smart meter enabled postage machine. Although smart meter technology is older than the most recent Mailmark technology, it can still be very beneficial to any business franking mail. If you wish to gain access to the extra Smart Franking Machine benefits, you must have a smart meter enabled franking machine and you can see a list of all the most current smart postage machines further down this page. View the smart franking machine benefits below.

Frank in SMART BLUE – blue franking ink has to be used when franking mail with smart franking machines. This will help improve the impressions readability, allowing your mail to be processed easier and faster. Eliminate any unnecessary delays.

Gain Access to a wide range of VAT services – smart meter technology will give your postage machine access to all of the Royal Mail’s VAT services with further cost savings.

Correct Postage Always Applied – a smart meter enabled franker will always apply the correct postage cost, eliminating the possibility of over or under payment for a impression.

Reclaim your VAT – any money spent on Royal Mail VAT services / products can be reclaimed from HMRC via an invoice.

Smart Franking Machines

As far as are aware, there are currently many postage machines that are Smart Meter Enabled. View the most up to date list of smart franking machines below. If you are still unsure or need exact confirmation on whether your postage machine is a smart franking machine model, then we would suggest that you contact your franking machine manufacturer / supplier directly.

Mailcoms Pitney Bowes Neopost Frama FP Mailing
Mailstart II DM50 / DM55 / K700 / DM60 Autostamp 2 Accessmail Mymail / Mymail 3
Mailstart Plus DM100i Series IS240 / IS-240 Ecomail T1000
Mailbase Lite IS280 / IS-280 IN360 Officemail Optimail
Mailbase DM220i IS330 / IS-330 Matrix F2 Optimail 25 / 30 / 35
Mailbase Pro DM400 / DM500 / DM550 / DM575 IS350 / IS-350 Matrix F2L Ultimail 60 / 65
Mailhub II DM800 / DM900 / DM1000 IS420 / IS-420 Matrix F4 / F4L Ultimail 90 / 95
Mailbase Plus DM300c / DM300M IS430 / IS-430 Matrix F6 Centormail
Mailhub II Speed DM400c / DM400M IS440 / IS-440 Mailmax / Speed Postbase Qi3 / Econ
Mailbase Speed DM475c IS460 / IS-460 Matrix F12 Postbase Qi4 / Office
Connect Series Connect Series IS480 / IS-480 Matrix F22 Postbase Qi6 / Enterprise
Send Pro P Series SendPro P Series IS5000 / IS-5000 Matrix F32 Postbase Qi9 / Enterprise Pro
IS6000 / IS-6000 Matrix F42 Postbase Ten
IN360 / IN-360 Matrix F62 Postbase One
IN600 / IN-600 Matrix F82
IN700 / IN-700
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