Why Franking?

By reading through this page, you will hopefully have a reason for why you should now, more than ever, be using a postage machine to frank your mail items. View the various reasons below for why you should be franking your mail with a postage machine.

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Reasons For Using A Postage Machine / Franking Machine!

Save money versus stamps!

Postage machine users can save up to 15% on their mail! This is because the price of a frank is significantly less than the price of using a stamp, saving you a lot of money over the year.

– Save 12p on every 1st Class Letter

– Save 16p on every 2nd Class Letter

– Save at least 17p on every Large Letter

– Save at least 30p on every Small Parcel

– Save at least 85p on every Medium Parcel

Franked Mail will give your business a professional image!

Many postage machines come with the latest smart meter technology which allows you to frank in all new SMART BLUE. This helps improve the readability of the franking impression, helping to improve the look of your mail. This will make your business look far more professional and it will improve your brand image.

– Frank a company logo and return address for free

– Frank in Smart Blue and improve your business image

You can re credit your franking / postage machine 24 hours a day – no more running out of stamps!

Whenever you want to re credit your franking machine you can. This will eliminate the chance of ever running low on stamps as you can keep franking your mail the minute you have re credited.

– Added Convenience

– Never run out of franks

Use a logo to advertise your business or add a return address!

Many postage machines allow you to frank a company logo and / or a company return address on every mail item. You can also frank personalised slogans to make your mail more appealing to the customer. This is basically free advertising and this will help increase your brand awareness for your business.

– Personalise mail to appeal to the customer

– Expand brand image

– Improved business mail

Royal Mail treats franked mail as business mail, avoiding delays!

When you send your mail to Royal Mail, they will treat any franked mail as business mail, helping to improve deliver speeds as any potential delays should be avoided.

– Mail always delivered on time

– Avoid any delivery delays

Automatically sets the exact postage!

A postage machine comes with a integrated or connected weighing scale, and when you weigh your mail items it will always automatically calculate the correct postage cost of your item. A franking machine always has the most recent Royal Mail postal tariffs integrated into the machine as well.

– No more over-stamping saves you even more money.

– Ensures no under-stamping and embarrassing surcharges to your customers!

No more lost, torn or stolen stamps!

Every franked impression produced will be done cleanly and crisply, making your mail items look far more professional and attractive. You will eliminate the chance of purchasing stamps that are torn, stolen or used as every franking impression made will come cleanly from your postage machine.

– Improved business image

– Never buy a lost, torn or stolen stamp again

Password protected for peace of mind!

Most modern franking machines come with a security feature to keep your postage machine and postage funds as safe as possible. This security feature allows you to PIN code protect individual departmental accounts so that postage funds are kept safe and so that they are not being accessed by unauthorised personnel.

– 4 digit PIN code protection available

– Protect every individual departmental account on the postage machine

No more going out to buy postage stamps, or driving then queuing up at the Post Office!

For extra convenience, you can frank your mail in the comfort of your own office and this will eliminate anyone in the business travelling down to the Post Office and purchasing postage stamps, saving your business time and money.

– Added convenience when franking mail

– Save time and money for your business

Easier accounting and individual cost centre reporting!

Most postage machines come with an accounting and reporting feature that allows you to have a certain amount of cost centres / departmental accounts. This accounting and reporting feature allows you to monitor and track postage expenditure on the postage machine, being very beneficial. The departmental accounts can also be individually PIN code protected on many modern franking machines.

– Have up to 500 accounts on certain franking machines

– PIN code protect your accounts

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